Simplified Music Notation Sibelius Plugin

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How it works

The plugin allows anyone who is using Sibelius 5 or 6 to convert any music to Simplified Music Notation(What is this?)

The plugin can be automatically installed and is then listed in the plugin menu of your Sibelius program as ‘Simplified Music Notation converter’. You simply click on the plugin to convert to Simplified Music Notation. Click on the plugin again to restore the music to its original traditional notation format.

How does it help?

If there is a tricky piece that you have always wanted to play, you can now do so without the laborious pursuit of sight-reading difficult keys (even though the key signature is still there) and working out the pitch of the notes.

The plugin allows teachers to switch at a click between traditional and Simplified Music Notation to meet the demands and struggles in the classroom thereby helping students to overcome sight-reading problems. The plugin will also benefit the professional musician and composer in respect of accidental-littered chromatic and atonal music.

As a learning aid, a teaching aid, or for personal use, the plugin removes the rigidity and tedium of traditional notation and introduces a fun, more rational approach, to reading music.


"There is no doubt in my mind that the value [of Simplified Music Notation] in the earlier stages of learning and playing music will be quite invaluable. The morass of accidentals in chromatic music is quite absurd, and points in fact to the obsolescence of the current notational system."
DR RONALD SENATOR PhD, FTCL Teacher, Composer; Formerly Professor, Guildhall School of Music

“Simplified Music Notation will help many musicians with key signature problems without simplifying or rearranging the music.”
SR ANITA MARCHESSEAULT DMA Music Education, Organ and Piano Teacher; Former Professor of Music, Notre Dame College

"It indeed saves several mental steps by the performer in the process of producing music from paper to sound. The idea is so simple it is ingenious."
WAYNE COOK, Professor Emeritus of Trumpet; Chair, Dept. of Music, University of Wisconsin

"As with most great ideas, it is simple and easy to understand. I found I could play from Simplified Music Notation after a few minutes familiarisation. I believe it could help all musicians - why not print all music this way in the future?"

"Simplified Music Notation is an elegantly simple idea and one which, as well as its obvious attraction for students with disabilities, would be found most interesting by many musicians in the other area of music in which I work - producing rock albums. I am delighted to endorse this brilliant idea."
DAVID LORD LRAM, GRSM, Composer and Record Producer, Former Head of Music, Laban Art Movement Centre, Former Director of Student Musical Activities, Bath University

"It seems to me an excellent way of helping musicians read and remember key signatures in a simplified way. I hope music publishers will take it up. I certainly could use it with some of my flute pupils who would find it a lot easier if every sharp and flat was written for them in the way Creative Arts suggests."
CLARISSA MELVILLE Dip, RAM, LRAM, ARCM, Flautist, Orchestra Manager, Teacher

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